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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Touched, it is like a fire, sending us warmth  (อ่าน 99 ครั้ง)

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Touched, it is like a fire, sending us warmth
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  • Touched, it is like a fire, sending us warmth; moving, it is like a candle, bringing us light; moving Newport Cigarettes Website, it is like an umbrella, sheltering us from the wind and rain; moving, it is like... actually There are many things in life that touch us. Those who moved "shocking ghosts and gods" made us shocked.Today, we read "Impressed China". What impressed me most was what Hu Zhong and Xie Xiaojun did. They have been teaching in Tibet for 12 years. Before that, they all worked as teachers in Chengdu Middle School. In 2000, Wu Zhong��s affairs in a welfare school in Sichuan urgently needed a teacher. At that time, he did not think about it and decided to go to teach. Three years later, Xie Xiaojun took her young daughter and went to Sichuan to teach. The weather on the plateau made Xie Xiaojun suffer from back pain, but she refused to go to the doctor and still insisted.They brought their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter for more children. They put down their old parents in order to be the best parents. It is not a passion, it is the ultimate affection; it is not an impulse, it is a choice that does not regret.ow can this sensible thing not motivate us to dedicate ourselves? In fact, moving is not just giving up on others, giving the elderly to the bus. When pregnant women give up their seats, when they have problems, they will help them to tide over the difficulties together Marlboro Cigarettes, and even bend over and pick up the rubbish on the ground... Although these small things seem insignificant, they are not enough to be great, but they can warm our hearts and let them We are bathed in virtue.Hu Zhong and his wife are ordinary people, but they have done extraordinary things. They are great and worth learning!Six years, fleeting. In the past six years, it is you, the teacher, who has taught us from a naive child to a sensible teenager in this short period of six years Newport Cigarettes. As soon as we think that we are about to separate, the picture we used to get along flashed in my mind...Just entering the campus is you, bringing us into primary school and bringing us to this big family. At that time, you always come to class with a smile, and come to class in an interesting language.he third and fourth grades are you, teach us how to be a person, tell us the truth of being a man. At that time, you are always sympathetic and speak in a teaching language.The fifth and sixth grades are you, let us get a lot of knowledge, and some methods that life must know, that is, you always tell us the method with great patience.ix years of elementary school, it is you, day and night to help us correct the homework Parliament Cigarettes, change the papers, prepare lessons, that is, I think, you must be particularly serious to help us do these things...Today, when I think of separation, I can��t see your kind face. I think that the six teachers and students will be separated, even if there is a lot of sadness in the heart, but there is no banquet in the world, no, dear teacher, six years of kindness Online Cigarettes. Will definitely remember

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