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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Nature is beautiful, the world is beautif  (อ่าน 287 ครั้ง)

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Nature is beautiful, the world is beautif
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  • Nature is beautiful, the world is beautiful, and we are beautiful. As long as there is beauty in the eyes, there is great beauty in the heart; as long as there is beauty in the heart, life will be beautiful; as long as life is beautiful, life can be beautiful. Beauty is an acceptance, a feeling, and a pleasure. Beauty, colorful, and born with the heart; beauty, everywhere, with the heart; beauty, no endless, moving with the heart. Beauty is the eternal melody, the pursuit of eternal life, the eternal poem!I am just a hurried walker in nature Marlboro Lights, a rushing passer in the world, and a rush of dust in the river Marlboro Gold Pack. I pursue simplicity, pursue romance, and pursue beauty! I just want to use my own eyes to find out, just want to feel with my own heart, just want to use your own life to slowly baptize!If life is just a beautiful dream, I would like to be a firefly in the night and send out my own light Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I can't keep the morning glow, but I can drink it in the morning, listen to nature; I can't keep the sunset Carton Of Newports, but I can light myself every night, wash the night sky; I can't keep the years, but I can Release your strength every day and light yourself.In fact, what I need is very simple: a blade of grass can be sheltered, a sun can breathe Newport Cigarettes Price, and a plain and true love can wait!f life is just a beautiful dream, I would like to be a cold branch in the wind. Keeping a sky, not blooming is not gorgeous, slowly learning; silently Qingning, not chasing not to get posture, faint silence; purely a state of mind, do not want to praise not want to sing, just for the past. The seasons alternate in the years, the heat and the summer are colorful in time, and the beauty is second in life. The empty mountains and unmanned water flow are deep, and drift away from zero; the sparse forest night bells and pines are silent, looking for themselves; the morning breeze is watching the moon and keeping the heart, self-contemplation!f life is just a beautiful dream, I would like to make a drop of dew in the morning. Although small but not cowardly, because knowing the purity of the world comes from the transparency of the soul; although it is short but not lonely, because knowing the regrets of the years stems from the obsessive experience; although simple but not humble, because knowing the value of life lies in the moment of slipping Eternal moments of eternal moments.

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