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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: The hourglass of life begins to flow from  (อ่าน 102 ครั้ง)

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The hourglass of life begins to flow from
« เมื่อ: กันยายน 19, 2018, 03:24:18 PM »
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  • The hourglass of life begins to flow from the moment you are born Cigarettes Cheaper, and when you die Marlboro Menthol 100S, the last sand quietly returns to its place. road to life is long, and it��s really the right direction for your life. But when you are tired and confused, lower your head, stop, go to your feet, and squat behind you. Is there still a well-defined and unforgettable footprint? If you simply move forward blindly, don't think, don't fight, don't pay, then you will be isolated, forgotten Newport 100S, eliminated, and rejected by society. Everyone's fate is different, and no one can guarantee that the future will never die. Therefore, continuous learning and enrichment is the guarantee of your life. father once said to me, "People, ups and downs in a lifetime, continue to learn in adolescence; youth use your youth's knowledge to compete for work and work hard; in the prime of life, use youth interpersonal relationships, career foundation to continue Develop and raise children; in the old age, enjoy the efforts of the majority of the life before the exchange of ease and family fun. But if you do not have the foundation before this, step by step on this life, everything is a cloud ."ring the direction of life and mastering the fate of a lifetime are all in our self-discipline.Synonymous with youth, vitality, happiness, impulsiveness, and carefreeness. Or hi or sad. In any case, the demise of youth makes the irreparable settlement of each person's life, leaving only the most brilliant brilliance in life. Since it cannot be retat, how much helplessness and ridiculousness, but unfortunately, we can never go back. Perhaps it is not God's love, always love to leave an irreparable scar on our face, let us lick the pain oncnt shopping together, colluded with answers during the exam, occasionally tidyed up the classmates, and then laughed without the liver and lungs? Just, that is the past tense. Some people say: "Life is like building a building. Every step must be accurate, even if it is only one centimeter." However, when the building is completed, you will find that you lost the building for this far. More than you get. We ask ourselves their own heart: You got what you want, why are you so unhappy? Do you like yourself now? Some people have something to venture into your world Wholesale Cigarettes, and after yth the wind? The big, big clouds are scattered in the air, just like the sadness in this bright spring breeze, although it will not erode the soul Marlboro Red, it will still make people feel the pain of skin. We will be sorrowful at this point, and carelessly, you may complain that you should not be in the youth, but don't forget, it used to be what you once wanted, in short, four words - No regrets in youth.


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