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This cartoon is painted in a dense wood
« เมื่อ: กันยายน 19, 2018, 03:26:11 PM »
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  • This cartoon is painted in a dense wood, a lumberjack is waving a sharp axe to a big tree. The woodpecker saw it all the time, flew over the shoulder of the man, glared at his head, and said angrily: "There must be insects in this piece of wood..r reading this cartoon, I fell into meditation. There is a "greedy worm" in the lumberjack's head that controls himself and makes him want to cut down trees. Forest resources can be continuously regenerated and contribute to people for a long time. However, because people arbitrarily destroy forests and deforestation, renewable resources are continuously reduced Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Do they not know that trees can provide fresh oxygen to humans, maintain soil and water, reduce noise, purify the air, regulate temperature, and provide a pleasing environment for human beings?real life, people with such "worms" in their heads are not uncommon. They exploit mineral resources at will, abuse chemicals indiscriminately, throw litter to cause environmental pollution, and so on. These are obvious manifestations of environmental damage and destruction of natural resources. You know, the only thing that is suitable for human habitation today is the Earth!e earth is the cradle of life and the homeland on which human beings depend. It is our responsibility to protect the earth. As a young pioneer, we must start from the side, start from protecting the grass and trees around us, and give all our strength to our lovely home.Today, we have lived a well-off society. But what do you think? Today, our beautifying and harmonious society is all exchanged with the death gods by our revolutionary martyrs, blood drops, scars, bullets, and life. I don't know you. However, now, our lives are being disposed of in extreme danger. Our Chinese five-thousand-year-old dragon is aging, and the people, who are living in dire straits, are miserable and bitter! Want to know why? Pleorld as the most 'dangerous' country, China is indeed very dangerous, although there is no gunfire and bullets, but! Chinese food is a more dangerous gunfire, bullets! In China, pollution is everywhere, and it can be described as the 'base area' of black-hearted businesses! On our table Newport Cigarettes Coupons, many junk foods have turned into a fake high-end luxury food! For example, the well-known Sanlu's melamit? Yes, why do Chinese people have to kill each other? From the reunification of the six countries Cheap Cigarettes, to the three countries, to the war of the Communist Party, and finally to the present People's Republic of China. China is killing all the time, and it is poisoning all the time! Kill each other! Is our food swollen? What is the conscience of our business? What is the conscience of our Chinese? Sometimes, I really want to ask those black-hearted businesses, are you really poor? Is there really no conscience? Don't you know that you are maiming your own compatriots? If you don't know the seriousness, let me give you an example to see: such as the disgusting trench oil, the swilling oil incident, and the plasticizer incident of liquor... It can be said that our Chinese people's 'imagination' and 'Innovation' is really rich! Any food can save money, can be faked, can reduce costs, and can do anything! Chinese profiteers are the fastest inventors of the world's adulteration methods!  optimistic! For example, the ��Li Shuangjiang�� incident in the previous section Marlboro Cigarettes, the ��My dade professional ones donate to foreign relatives. Sadly, I made some money when I was at the festival, but I could only use it to buy meat and beat the teeth. Domestic prices are on the plane, but wages can only climb the stairs... The education sponsorship fee is also hidden! Blackheart business conscience has been abandoned, they only think about the yuan! I have to remind you of the reality of the potholes Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, reminding you all to live well, because you can't afford to hurt the cemetery!


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