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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Hey! The spring girl came in a brisk pace  (อ่าน 149 ครั้ง)

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Hey! The spring girl came in a brisk pace
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  • Hey! The spring girl came in a brisk pace. This is not, there is her shadow everywhere, in the fields, in the garden... Xiaocai heard that the spring girl came and quickly found her head; the branches and the spring girl beckoned, and recruited, they took out the shoots. The little fish in the creek also drew out the ice and snow, "plopping - plopping -" jumped out of the water. The whole world looks vibrant. morning, I stood on a rock at the head end of the field and looked to both sides Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The fields are full of rapeseed. In my opinion, the rapeseed is like a blanket. It is covered with a bright yellow color on the already green field. It is very beautiful Newport 100S.sides of the path, there are also a variety of flowers, the most striking of which is the number of teas. It has red petals and is especially popular! Camellia sways in the wind, as if to say: "Look, how beautiful I am!" to the creek, the stream was crystal clear, and I could see the pebbles. I picked up a piece, looked at it and touched it. The pebbles are very smooth and feel very comfortable to touch. There are some small fish swimming in the creek, red, yellow, and black... it looks great. I reached into the stream and tried to feel the temperature in the creek and feel the feeling of the little fish swimming through my handked along the path in the field, kept walking, and kept walking...ed into the woods and there were several bird songs in the woods. I leaned on a big tree, quietly, as if I were a tree: the roots that grew under my feet, deep into the soil and rock formations; the hair became a canopy, the arms became branches; my The blood has turned into a branch of the tree, spinning in the annualw. The birds flew back to the nest. I can only say goodbye to my friends with reluctance: "Goodbye Cigarettes Online, friends, I will come to visit you often!" My school is a large and beautiful "book city", I live in this beautiful book city. For six years, I know the changes in my alma mater. Let me tell you about my understanding of my alma mater! First, when the toilet is in the first grade, our classroom is next to the toilet Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Now we are studying around the toilet. It can be said that our class has a "fat" to the toilet. Whenever I go to the toilet of the first and second grades, I found out. This toilet is a "bottomless pit", but as long as you go in and go down, the stench can make your eyes smoked out of "golden beans" Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, while the toilet above is a "small gutter", but it doesn't have that The stench of the boys, while the men's "men's toilet show" is enough to make people stunned. Some boys are driving outside the toilet door, and the first and second grade brothers are pulling outside, and some moral people are pulling inside. The appearance of this toilet looks like a villa in the villa. However, the talents and dissatisfaction of the students can only be said to be too strong. Second, the classroom has been since ancient times, and our group of "Sunshine Beauty" and "Sunshine Beauty" have become one by one. The big "���" grows tall and tall, and it squeezes us in the narrowness of the classroom. It can only occupy one percent of the position. Every time after lunch, the intestines in the stomach will be sent out. "This one is okay, three or five of us will be shot down."

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