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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: We have never seen a real wolf in  (อ่าน 129 ครั้ง)

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We have never seen a real wolf in
« เมื่อ: ตุลาคม 22, 2018, 01:25:46 PM »
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  • We have never seen a real wolf in our lives. The ferocious animal like a wolf gives us no impression of being beautiful. It seems to have only a cruel and fierce impression. However, a wolf not only has a ferocious side, but also the side of his hopefulness and the experience he has experienced and People are very similar. The novel "Wolf King's Dream" is written by the author Shen Shixi Cheap Cigarettes, and writes a hard journey of a female wolf looking into a dragon and looking into a woman Cigarettes Cheaper.female wolf is called Zi Yan, she fell in love with a handsome male wolf How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, they think together to get a throne one day, but the male wolf is not dying in competition with another wolf, so the female wolf purple decided to Let the children in my stomach become the wolf king, and then gave birth to five wolves, but the first wolf was frozen to death Newport Cigarettes Website, leaving only three wolves, and the female wolf purple took the throne in the wolves at all costs. The wolf trained these three little wolves as wolf kings. However, fate has been teasing it. The last wolf slumbers on the grass and dies in the mouth of the gargoyles. The third wolf is very powerful, but accidentally caught in the trap, the hunter is coming soon. Finally, there is no way, the female wolf will kill it. female wolf finally went to the same with the golden eagle for the charming little wolf. "A burst of autumn rain is cold." It has been raining for a few days, and the summer is gradually leaving us. The dead leaves tried to keep themselves in the trees, but the ruthless autumn wind and autumn rain blow them all to the ground; the sounds that are known are getting weaker and weaker, inadvertently, gradually disappearing; the continuous autumn rain scares the sun  Newport Cigarettes Price. People haven't seen the sun for a few days, and they have put on long coats.ally one day, the sky cleared. I sat in the yard and sunbathed, and the sun for a long time brought warmth to the earth. At this time, I found an old bee, he is enjoying the last sunshine in life. His black body seemed to falter, and after a burst of autumn wind, he shivered. Throughout the summer, he has been diligently collecting honey, never resting, and there is not much demand. Now he is too tired, he has done all his strength, and his two people can't fly! He really needs a break.ked my father, "Why didn't he go home to rest?" Dad replied, "He knows that he is dying, not tired of his family." After listening to my father's words, I felt a bit sad. At this time, I thought of my family, I remembered their wrinkles and white hair. I want to respect them and care for them. Since they will be old and young, I will not abandon them and give them up. "Falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning it into a spring mud and protecting flowers." It is coming to Chongyang Festival, and I pay tribute to all the elderly here.

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