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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: My brother is 14 years old. He lo  (อ่าน 92 ครั้ง)

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My brother is 14 years old. He lo
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  • My brother is 14 years old. He loves music very much and knows the common sense of music. He especially likes to play the piano. He often listens to the gods and always intoxicates in the fairyland of music.nce, I went to his house to play, and I didn��t even go downstairs to hear the piano sound that was flickering. As soon as I entered the door, the piano in the room sounded like a group of wild horses that had been closed for a long time. I bumped me and rushed to the entire corridor. I looked inward and my brother was practicing the piano! He is playing with his hand and his mouth is groaning. After a song, he saw me and smiled at me, as if he was apologizing for the shock of his piano. But his hand immediately fell on the keys like a rainstorm, his melody music as if I was at the concert, listening to Beethoven. Music is high and low, sometimes like a bird's whisper, sometimes like a lion's snoring. I look at him again, and every drop of sweat on my head seems to represent his efforts Carton Of Marlboro Reds. I asked him why he was so hard. He replied that he wanted to grow up as a modern Beethoven. I really admire his skills.ne day, my brother invited me to watch his performance. When I went there, I found that the audience was crowded with people, old people, children, middle-aged people, and small pets! Half-sounding, the concert began, and my brother calmly and calmly stepped onto the stage, sitting in a chair, and the piano sounded like a flock of frightened wild horses that I was familiar with, and the number was even more. At the height of the climax Cigarettes Cheaper, the audience stood up and applauded automatically, and everyonehis is my brother, Li Han, a brother who loves music and is obsessed with music. is the wind blowing, what is it?" Listen, what is this sound? Come with the sound, push the door of 303, you will see several students playingnt of the last game Marlboro Lights, I think it will make you feel overwhelmed, because our class has three boys and two girls, so when the teacher said that the four people were together, they added me and pushed another girl. Go out. In fact, I felt a bit ashamed at the time, because she was my companion, and we only care about ourselves and did not consider her feelings.nishing this game, the teacher asked us to sit down seriously and tell us something. An American went to Sudan and found that some opposition troops there had to let the children kill their loved ones in order to train the Boy Scouts. If they didn��t do it, then they would die of their own brothers and sisters. These children would only be themselves. The dear one raised the gun. After seeing this situation, the American decided to stay and save the children who were tortured by the war Newport Cigarettes Price. He united with some of the local caring people, built a school for the homeless children, and took out all of his possessions. The school  this incident, I realized that solidarity is very important Cigarette Online. I can't just consider my own interests and do more for others.

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