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I am a tall tree, protecting
« เมื่อ: พฤศจิกายน 10, 2018, 03:03:11 PM »
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  • I am a tall tree, protecting people is what I should do.ring girl came to us with shame, and the wind slowly moved to my face, she stroked my face, and the rain brother was nourishing the earth.here is a tall tree by the river - that is me, I slowly grow new hair - green leaves, enjoy the bright sunshine, and enjoy the rain of the rain brother. I looked at the blue sky, listened to the wind, listened to the body of the mountain Parliament Cigarettes, listened to the beautiful sound of the birds, and reminisced about my happy things. me. Or sit on the ground, put your feet in the river, and enjoy the coolness that I and the river bring to people in the summer. If there is a flood, I will use my roots to firmly grasp the land and prevent soil erosion. Not only me, but my family and our entire community. If people release too much waste gas, I will do my best to create more fresh air for people. If people need it, I will contribute my skin. Although it hurts and hurts, I will never regret it. If people need my foliage, I will give it without complaint, even though I will be very cold. If people need my branches to make furniture and make building materials, I will accept them, even though I will end my life. Because I am a tree, a big tree, this is my duty.I have done a lot of things for people. The value of my life is like this, not so noble, not ordinary. Red fragrant scented jade and autumn, lightly solved Luo Chang, alone on the Lanzhou, who sent the book to the cloud? When the geese return, the moon is full of the West Building. The flowers flow from the drifting water. A kind of acacia, two leisure. This situation can beemory, the autumn sky is clear and blue, and occasionally a long airplane cloud stays in the middle of the sky. When the evening comes Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I always sit alone in front of the window, watching the sky hanging like a fish-like cloud, the birds are tired and return home, yelling, the sunset is round, squatting, falling from the side of the mountain Go to the side of the mountain. Later, the smoke rose and the voice of the returning home was suddenly and suddenly, intermittent. There are farmers who walk leisurely through the finely divided gravel road Marlboro Menthol 100S. Then, Wan Jia lights up. Groundp in the memory, the river in spring is flowing. The willow branches by the river, caressing the embankment, and the buds of the cedar and mulberry trees. In the fields, it should be when the flowers and plants are colorful. The little sun flower opened the warm smile. The dandelion had not yet opened a yellow flower Newport 100S. It only opened the mouth of the white fine fluff and shivered and smiled on the branch. Grass flowers should be wild, young, I always thought that the farther I left home, the better. I always thought that one day, I would leave this familiar land and hike alone. The unknown world outside will always give me unlimited yearning. One day, when I really left the land where I gave birth to me in my mother's gaze Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I suddenly gave birth to a kind of loneliness, and the joy of fullness was replaced by a long thought.

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