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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: You see, I have a hardworking  (อ่าน 105 ครั้ง)

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You see, I have a hardworking
« เมื่อ: พฤศจิกายน 21, 2018, 02:28:01 PM »
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  • You see, I have a hardworking mother. My mother got up very early every morning. The reason is to help the whole family to make breakfast. After breakfast, I have to wash clothes and dry clothes. I have to wait for my father and I to go out, so that I can close the door and do a pair of 10 yuan. Not enough cotton shoes. I often get insomnia at night, and after getting up in the morning, the dark circles around the eyes of my mother are particularly eye-catching.so have a father who went out early and late, and Dad worked as a workshop director at a transformer company. When he sent me to school every morning, he immediately went to work at the company. Dad has a heavy burden every day: 1 I have to go back to work overtime after dinner; 2 to supervise all the workers in the workshop; 3 to take care of the whole family when my mother is sick Cigarettes Online Store... Dad��s burden is countless, it��so have a brother who often walks idle and does not work. He bought an Iphone4s and often slacks and plays with his mobile phone while at work. When the mother reprimanded him every time Cheap Cigarette, he assured his mother: "Mom, I will never dare anymore." However, he only had a few days, and was fascinated by the Internet. It really can't be managed! about it now! I am a student whose performance has improved very quickly. Every time I finish the homework assigned by the teacher, I will carefully check it over and over again Newport 100S Cigarettes. The next day, my homework is not A+ or excellent. I am often praised by the teacher and got the teacher. The attention of the students, the praise of the students Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, became a cadre.family lives a lot of life every day. For me, the home is a sultry honey, the light in front of my frustration, the eternal melody. I love my family, because that is my happy harbor!Mid-Autumn Festival has passed at the beginning of the month. Xu Xuanfeng with a cool breath, seems to be an invitation letter, invited us to visit the autumn village. Ah, autumn is coming!car passed under two rows of tall metasequoia trees, and an autumn wind blew, and the leaves flew like a paratrooper from the flying cabin. Yellow and yellow, gently fall on the car. Looking at the car from afar is like a big chestnut.ering the courtyard door, the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus will come. Fragrant and not strong, sweet but not greasy. Closer look, the plant osmanthus like a grain of broken gold embedded in the emerald. On the mud, the sun shines through the green leaves and flowers on the dog's tail grass. Some sweet-scented osmanthus flowers fall on the grass and are very beautiful.ide the hospital, a few persimmon trees are covered with small lanterns, like saying to us: "This year is another harvest year!"the edge of the small river, the maple leaves that have been beaten by the dew, and then blown by the autumn wind Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, the little face is redder. Looking far away, Fenglin wants a red glow, which is very spectacular. Under the tree, it is full of splendid,mature, waiting for the grain to be returned to the warehouse! In the ground of peanuts, the leaves are flourishing, but there are mful, but there is no beauty of autumn." The country can better set off the beauty of autumn. The autumn colors of the country are really beautiful!

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