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When the ropes of destiny
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  • When the ropes of destiny ruthlessly bind their arms Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, when others' eyes sigh at the sorrow of life, he still stubbornly inserts wings for his dreams and writes on his keys with his feet: Believe in yourself. The changing melody is the trajectory of its of ei Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, he once said: "My life has only two paths, either to die quickly or to live wonderfully." His unique experience and powerful inner world have made many people remember its name Buy Newport Cigarettes Online.was born in an ordinary family. At the age of 10, he was cut off from his arms because of a terrible accident. He stubbornly learned to eat and wash with his feet. He can do almost everything with ordinary people. At the age of 12, he learned to swim in the spa of the rehabilitation hospital. It is not an easy task for normal children to learn to swim. However, Liu Wei learns to swim without arms, and swims in the country for two years. In the tournament, he won two gold medals with his own efforts. is always in the beauty of people is blowing the final whistle. When he was preparing for the 2008 Paralympic Games, he was diagnosed with allergic purpura, which meant that he had to give up all training in the water, otherwise it would be life-threatening! Liu Wei had to give up swimming. He put his hopes on another hobby, music. He borrowed money to buy a piano at home, but he couldn��t find a piano teacher because people thought it was impossible to play with their feet. Playing the piano, but Liu Wei did not give up. At the age of 19, he began to learn the piano himself. He played the piano on his feet for 7 hours in 24 hours a day. He couldn��t lift his legs and his feet were bleework pays off. In only one year, Liu Wei popped up the level of piano seven. In January 2011, the famous Chinese song "Liang Zhu" reverberated in the Golden Hall of Vienna. When the moving melody sounded, the stage was called " Liu Wei of the armless pianist Cigarettes Types, the feet on the keys are like magical, and the moving melody slowly flows between the fingers. Liu Wei��s piano sounds the heartsiu Wei lost his arms, he was full of dreams. Destiny does not allow him to fly freely, he puts himself in a pair of invisible wingsiu Wei, I look so small. Liu Wei was a disabled person, but he was so devastated that he had overcome many difficulties with strong perseverance and became a strong person in life. Liu Wei... The one who touched China��s top ten people brought me the strength of being strong. I thought that I often complained that I was too hard to go to school Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, too tired, too many homework, too difficult, and I couldn��t help but blush and feel embarrassed! I have a sound body, a smart brain, and what reason to escape learning? I should cherish everything in front of me, learn indignantly, and repay my parents and repay the society in the fin my heart. I will use Liu Wei as an example. I will have a strong heart like him. I will use my "effort" as my invisible wings to overcome myself, overcome life and work hard!

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