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"Sweeping - brushing
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  • "Sweeping - brushing -" What is this sound? I followed the sound, a thin figure, dragging a pair of old cloth shoes, squatting in the village, she was getting closer and closer to me step by step, her mouth kept muttering, her wrinkled face is now A silly smile. A few years ago, the mother-in-law next door to the countryside, since the death of the father-in-law (her husband), slowly became the present appearance.n that day, the father-in-law was happily filled with a large melon planted by a tricycle, ready to be towed to the nearby town for sale, hoping to sell a good price. At three or four in the morning, the vehicles on the national road were scarce. He and the villagers in the same village took the tricycle and boarded the motorway. Suddenly, a car came at an alarming speed, and the intense light made people unable to open their eyes. The car is getting closer and closer, and it is unbiased, and the tricycle filled with melon is too late to sneak up. The villagers who listened to the same said that the father-in-law was knocked out several meters away Cigarette Kinds, and the blood flowed to the ground. When the mother-in-law got the news and rushed in, the father-in-law had closed his eyes forever, and the appearance was terrible. The cry of the mother-in-law tearing the heart and lungs makes people feel uneasy. From then on, she saw everyone laughing innocently, seeing everyone crying. The village entrance often sees the mother-in-law's lonely figure. The father-in-law left and left forever Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes. But what is left for the living mother-in-law? In the eyes of others, she is already crazy. Maybe she only understands why she cries and why she laughs.car accident that no one can foresee has caused such a big tragedy! It is obvious how terrible it is to not obey the traffic rules! Life is unique, life is precious, and everyone's life is not just for themselves. Here I would like to warn everyone that no matter whether the traffic police are not at the scene or at the crossroads with traffic lights, we must consciously abide by the traffic rules, whether or not we monitor them. Traffic accidents happen all the time. It is like a powerful explosive. When it happens, it will explode Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, the fried family will be broken, and the fried people will be sad. Public blood is used to warn us of the serious consequences of not complying with traffic rules Order Newports Online. The father-in-law riding a tricycle on the motorway Cigarettes Newport, although it seems to be a very inconspicuous movement, but caused irreparable regret.civilization take root in your heart! We must firmly remember that obeying the traffic rules is to maintain life!

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