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Last night, I forgot t
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  • Last night, I forgot to write homework because I was playing computer. I was criticized by the teacher.ell in the second quarter of the day just started, and the math teacher walked into the classroom with a small step. "Please take out the math homework last night, I have to check." The teacher said seriously. Since I didn't write homework, I had already hidden the homework in advance. When the teacher came to me, my heart was about to jump out. "What about your homework?" the teacher asked doubtfully. "I... I forgot to bring it." I answered the teacher's question in a hurry. "Come to my office." After that, the teacher left Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes.I got to the office, my heart jumped. The teacher asked me in a gentle tone: "Is your homework really forgotten?" I thought to myself: If you tell the truth, it wouldn't be that my image would plummet in the teacher's mind, and the teacher would not reuse me again... The conjecture in my heart made me firmly say: "Really, I really forgot to bring it." But the eyes did not dare to look directly at the teacher. "Well, since you all said that you forgot to bring it, then the teacher will believe you once. You should go back to the classroom first." I moved uncomfortably. When I wanted to push the office door, the conscience was fighting me. When one person does things, if you don't write, you must seek truth from facts. So I turned my head and explained the truth to the teacher and apologized to the teacher. The teacher not only did not criticize me, but also said to me with great enthusiasm: "It is not terrible to make a mistake Newport 100S Carton Cheap And Free Shipping. The terrible thing is that you don't admit it at the end. If you make a mistake, you will change it or be a good boy!"eacher��s words will benefit me for the rest of my life!e five-year life in elementary school is like the colorful jewelry in the moonlight box, which is my precious "priceless treasure". Among them, there is a teacher's enlightenment to me, some students help me, and there are joys of success, tears of failure... The most memorable one is the teacher's words. I don't know how to have a skill. I always encouraged me to say, "Mr. Chen will encourage you to test your grades. Remember success = persistence + effort + Serious + self-confidence. Go back and practice well, you will succeed." Remember this sentence in your heart. As soon as I got home Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, I picked up the erhu to practice "figure Wholesale Cigerattes." Repeated practice over and over again Marlboro 100'S Online, but the head can not always play fast, but it is getting slower and slower. This is really not fast. I am very depressed, I feel so sad, it is not a taste. Just want to strike, but Dad came over and said to me for a long time, I just didn't listen. Dad was angry and shouted at me: "You forgot what Teacher Yang said to you?!" This sentence woke me up. So I cheered up again, took the erhu up, not once, twice, twice without three times... Although I practiced for an afternoon, my hands hurt my arms, but my hard work was not in vain, and I finally got it!next day, I came to the examination room and confidently pulled the song out! Yesterday, the skill was also very good. In a few days, the test results came out. When I look at the results, I am very nervous and my heart has to jump out! I asked my mother to tell me the results. My mother said, "Don't you forget the teacher's words? Where did your confidence go?" I listened to my mother's words and slowly opened my eyes: "Yeah! Success!"is success made me unforgettable. The words of Teacher Chen are even more memorable. It is deeply engraved in my heart and accompanied me to grow up!

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