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Whenever I heard the song "
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  • Whenever I heard the song "Sailor", "He said that this pain in the wind and rain Cheap Marlboro 100 Free Shipping, what to do, wipe the tears, don't be afraid, at least we still have dreams." This inspirational lyrics for thousands of young people! I will always be lingering in my ears, yeah, how can we not experience hardships in the storm? It hurts to remember and remember, and those pains are nothing!g to the optimist, so I don't complain when I encounter something difficult, let alone be discouraged, even desperate! But the only experience that made me lose my confidence for everything for the first time. I felt the horrible suffocation for the first time. For the first time, I couldn��t escape from the darkness.ink everyone is the same as me. I have a stage dream in my childhood, because I always want to appreciate the glory that is so much in the spotlight, but I don��t know how proud it can be. If you are not careful, oh, you will become frustrated in an instant, and that feeling is that I have a deep understanding Newport Cigarettes In Bulk.at day, on behalf of my class, I gave my first speech on the big stage of the school. As the saying goes, ��It��s difficult to start everything.�� At that time, I took the task that the teacher delivered to me with awkward feeling, in order to I lived up and down, and I practiced it over and over again. I recited the speech over and over again All Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping. For a long time, because of the long-term manuscript, the throat was sore, and even the hoarse voice could not be heard. But these difficulties have overcome the past, only for Taiwan. A wonderful speech.et's ask XX class XXX classmates to give a speech Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Online, everyone applauded." The time for preparation has passed, and I have already memorized the manuscript, but I still don't feel at ease, so I recite it again. However, the more I feel that I am not able to grasp it, the more I can��t remember the content behind it. I am anxious, like a fire, and the forehead has already inadvertently pulled out the cold sweat. At this moment, I heard my The name, yes, the host��s crisp voice is like calling me from the depths of the ground. I walked on the stage. When the spotlight shines on me, I am coming back. I see To the teacher��s look and encouragement in the audience, I avoided the teacher��s gaze and bit my mouth tightly Newport Tobacco Wholesale. At that moment, I was hesitant and afraid, because I was blank in my mind, I know, my life. The first stage dream was to end in failure, but it didn't matter. What I was thinking at the moment was just how to explain to the teachers and students in the audience. In the end, I decided to bite my teeth. How much is it? That's how to piece together my piecemeal memories. I don't know that my clenched hands have been over-excited and numb. The commotion in the audience has made my heart mention the throat. I saw some people snickering, some people are talking about it. My eyes are moist, but I endured it and I still didn't cry, because the eyes encouraged by the teacher supported me. It was difficult for me to survive. I can't let the teacher disappoint for the second time. Yes, no matter what, I Always insist, I want to complete the game! In this way, this belief supported me, and I ended my speech in the sparse applause. The first speech of my life ended in this way. I was so painful that I couldn��t hold back my tears. I ran out of the auditorium and ran to a place where no one was. I kneel down and hug my head. The arms sowed silently. This blow is undoubtedly huge for me. The first speech in my life has such a big mistake. I hate it and hate my own disappointment. At that moment, I was completely wrapped in darkness and it was very quiet. Just hearing the sound of the leaves, I just cryed silently.atisfactory, but as long as you work hard, whatever results will not matter. Your hard-working teacher is in your eyes. The teacher is not disappointed with you. On the contrary, he is proud of you, because under such pressure you still persist, so it doesn't matter, don't blame yourself, adjust your mentality to face setbacks, but it is not for you to forget. Instead, you have to keep it in mind, always telling yourself that you can't make a second mistake again, so that you can make progress and make up for today's regret. Don't give up when you fall for the first time, and then you have to get up again, remember You can't give up, you can't fall!", can't fall! These four words have been motivating me since then. When I want to give up and want to retreat, it is my progress, and it is my motivation to face difficulties. Life is inevitably unsatisfactory, it is quite windy, what are the pains!

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