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If there is a dream, there
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  • If there is a dream, there will be a pursuit. If there is a goal, there will be motivation. If there is motivation, it will give birth to the sail. the running field, a barefoot boy, watching the athletes who participated in the training, the boy dreamed of walking into the training ground.envied and hated. He hated his poverty. He hated himself for eating and wearing clothes. He hated that he couldn't afford even the cheapest running shoes. So he came to the training ground every day to watch the trainers compete.ly, one day, a young coach found the little boy. He let the boy cross the shortest hurdle. The little boy easily crossed over. The coach let the boy cross the 1.5-meter hurdle. This time, the little boy couldn��t cross it. The coach patted the little boy��s shoulder and said, ''Children, these railings are obstacles to your life, you can cross them, you can bypass them, you can even Kick them down. ��The little boy decided that he would cross them, bypass them and kick them. From then on, he walked on the road with his dreams barefoot, what mountain, water, he used his feet to walk, in the 1997 Olympic Games, became the first athlete to run barefoot, won the championship, Become the first running champion in Ethiopia.l who had broken her legs reached the age of school. Her father had no money for her prosthetic limbs. She thought of a way to use the ball as her leg. Once her father brought back a new gadget for her - the computer, she quickly learned to type and published an essay online. She found that a netizen named ''Old Tree'' always responded to her for the first time. Slowly she became a good friend with ''Old Tree'', her composition level continued to improve, she wrote a novel - "Devotion of love to angels." Later, she learned that '��old tree���� was her father. She succeeded in becoming a writer. She did not only complete the novel, she completed a great dream.e is a dream, there will be a pursuit. If there is a goal, there will be motivation. If there is power, the sail will be raised to reach the goal, and the flame of hope will be ignited. The author Jules Gabriel Verne is a famous French writer in the 19th century and is known as the "father of modern science fiction." He devoted his life to science fiction creation, and there are as many as sixty or seventy. The plot of his work in his works is thrilling, the characters are vivid and the ending is unexpected.o thousand miles under the sea" depicts people's thrills in the sea. The wonderful and spectacular underwater world is full of exotic and strong romanticism Newport Cigarettes Free Shipping. It embodies the dream of human beings eager to go to heaven and soar freely since ancient times. It shows their social justice and lofty humanitarian spirit.his article, Pierre Aronas is a biologist. Bogutong is sailing underwater under the submarine, letting him enjoy the various animals and plants in the ocean. He also sees the wonders he sees in the ocean. The Tao has brought the readers an eye-opener.sol was a servant of Professor Aronus, and he never made a fuss Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping Newport 100 Box. Always so easygoing. When you encounter something, you always take it seriously and classify them seriously Usa Cigarettes For Sale. Lan is a relatively primitive person. His temper is always tempted to escape. The article concludes: Without him, they can't finally return to land! protagonist Captain Nemo is a character with romance and mystery. Although he is as warm, cold, kind, gentle, and violent as the sea, he can build a submarine according to his own design. He evaded his enemies and persecutors, explored freedom on the seahe 20 Newport Tobacco Wholesale,000-mile expedition on the seabed, it is not smooth, but they are not afraid of danger, not afraid of any difficult spirit, we are worth learning! At the same time, I also believe that to treat your own ideals Marlboro Regular Red Lowest Price, as long as you persist, you will succeed!

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