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rateful hea
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  • Grateful heart, thank you for your destiny, with my life, let me have the courage to be myself.e is a song called "Grateful Heart". Every time I hear it and sing it, I will endure a baptism and shock of love in my heart. It makes me torture myself again and again: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where is it? Perhaps everyone coming to this world is indeed an accident, just like a dust floating freely, after the wind and the dust, then landed here, here, this home. No one knows where his own destination is. Life is not destined. Heaven sometimes makes fun of people. Human life is valuable and fragile, but it is not inaction. No matter what, no matter where it comes from, where it will go, existence is value, thanksgiving is a blessing.ether the heavens and the earth are wide, this road is difficult to walk. I have seen the hardships in this world Marlboro Gold."e is bound to be inseparable from struggle, full of hardships, and the road to life will be thorny. Smooth sailing and peaceful blue clouds are just good wishes. People always dream of conquering the world, but we must know that to conquer the world, we must first conquer ourselves. Instead of sighing that life is too short, it is better to prolong life in struggle. Although the heavens and the earth are as wide as the heart, the heart will have a dream, and if there is a dream, there will be a miracle,
    "How much love do I have, how many tears do I have, and I want Heaven to know that I don't admit defeat." [Spark composition network are great because they have dreams, and life is wonderful because of love. Life will always be accompanied by tears Carton Of Cigarettes, sometimes crying with joy, sometimes suffocating, tears may not be heroic, but life must not admit defeat. Life is full of exploration, but also full of success and failure. Someone has failed, always complaining about the people, complaining about the injustice of God. In fact, there is a gain in one contribution, no giving up, no admit defeat, and finally success. The winner will never give up Cigarettes Cheaper, the abandoner will never succeed, and there is only one reason for success. That is, I want to succeed. Successful people know how to cherish, cherish will haveteful heart, thank you, let me have the courage to be my own life. Grateful heart, thank you for your destiny, I will cherish the flowers and flowers."this moment, as a perfect person, I am very proud, because we all have a grateful heart, grateful to the society, grateful to the parents Newport 100S, grateful to the company, and grateful to everyone around us, because they gave us the courage and struggle to survive. power. music rang again, and I couldn��t help but sing. "Grateful heart, thank you, you will cherish the flower blossoms..."efulness is a navigation light that makes people full of ideals and hopes for life. It shows us the way forward; thanksgiving is two swinging oars Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and he will vie over us again and again in the turbulent waves; Grateful, still a spiritual key, he let us open the door to life after the hardship! Let us all have a grateful heart.

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