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I have been
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  • I have been busy with work in recent days, and there has been no leisure for a moment. The rhythm of today��s work has slowed down, and the nervousness of sudden relaxation has suddenly felt empty and the whole person has become uncomfortable. The days that have passed and passed are still good. I am idle and helpless. On the road of pursuing knowledge, the more I walk Marlboro Red 100S Carton, the wider the road, the more I feel that I know nothing. I like to let go of everything Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap. I only see the sky clear, and the blue sky and white clouds give me a little bit of my heart. Feeling, or listening to the cold rain tapping the crispness of the window, let the life have a sound. The work is put aside, how tired it is, forgetting to live out what you want, and now count the past time, the account of the sum of the accounts is taboo, lost the shelter of the years, no When I realized a scene, I lost sight of the scenery, and when I didn��t have a good time, I started to study hard at work. After I really went in, I was busy, and I thought that the only ones I thought were only Saying to others the wrong judgment, nowadays their own products are relished. This kind of state is also good. When one is heavy Wholesale Cigarettes Online, one is really paying for one, and the soul that is worthy of pride is worthy of the soul. Because of the bamboo house, I stole a half-day leisure. "I love Li's seven-character quatrains, dreams of intoxicating places, and a day of life. It's hard to have such a state. In the face of the current work, I can't help but get a little bit worse. No guess, no doubt, but also a day when the monk hits a day, not a hundred times to hit it. Today, a colleague made a mistake with the two secret pictures, and everyone in a hurry is overwhelmed. Can't eliminate it, facing the fact that it didn't help, she was alone for a long time. She saw her crying with pears and rain, we comforted, but comforted her self-blame, and behind us, we fell into the trap. Self-review, a small matter, wrong, but also forgiveness of others, but can not forgive oneself for being a sage, can not be over, knowing the mistakes and changing, good and big," such a saint, the truth is true. The most likely thing to let go is yourself. If you should not make a mistake, you have to make a mistake. If you want to save it, you will find that you can't help it. If you want to save it, you can't explain it. You can't explain it. It's true. I am most afraid of this. And it is a person's jealousy, always feel that the whole world is laughing at it, even the dark corner of the inner corner is laughing. The world is most afraid of facing the scope beyond what you can and must do what it is, but not, not uneasy, and face the dilemma. I can understand her state of mind. At this moment, all the language seems so pale and weak. All the comforts seem to be incomparable, but I also want to hear that if I feel relieved, I can��t let her relax. I dare to look straight into her eyes, always seeing women crying, like a moment can flow into their hearts, soften the heart of the stone that they thought it was, fearing that they can not control the tears, she still needs comfort Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, we still want After her backing, the matter ended satisfactorily with the understanding of the parties, and the impact did not necessarily disappear, but finally there was a direction to solve the problem. Unintentional, but it provokes the sound of "shocking, weeping ghosts", which makes people feel uncomfortable. I always think, if it is how I should be, I can drown myself in a tear like her. If you want to pay for your mistakes, you can still find excuses, find reasons to smother the past, or be indifferent, and let the wrong punishment come to the fore. But I don��t know that I hope that those who walk in the difficulties of life can Work harder to achieve the best self, make goodness a habit, and solve it rationally when faced with difficulties, instead of filling the mistakes made in the panic, but also the problems that should not arise. . In this life, you may not necessarily have a brilliant future, but you must have a fearless heart. The courage to go forward. Her tears have rooted in my heart. I am far from powerful and powerless. There are still many things Wholesale Newports, looking directly at the present, and falling into the dust. Just because they are really small, they have to draw endless power to break through the obstacles of the future, and to get a tree and flowers, not necessarily to be in the sky. But I also want to feel a warmth in the spring of the world, let the soul have a place to live. I think there is no need for tears. Now maybe the ordinary life has not started the journey of hard work, crying, bravely going on, etc. The next stop, turned into the most satisfied one.

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