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The summer is coming
« เมื่อ: เมษายน 09, 2019, 02:26:03 PM »
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  • The summer is coming, the rain is coming, and it is coming. The southern part of China has been torrential rains, and the water levels in most provinces and cities have been continually anxious. Affected by continuous rainfall, the Yangtze River has also been in a hurry in the middle of the Yangtze River. It marks the formation of the No. 1 flood in the Yangtze River in 2017, and the National Defense General has launched a three-level emergency response. The disaster has affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. I am very alarmed by the floods in the south. The floods in the south have evoked my memory of the floods in the north. I have also called floods in my hometown. I grew up in the northern countryside. The memory of the floods in the north, especially in the home, has always been fresh in memory. In my childhood memories, my family��s ��big water�� is not as bad as the flood from the south. It��s not so much, it��s not so fierce, it seems to give people a chance to breathe. It did not cause major floods. The floods were not so terrible for the influx of the villagers. The damage caused was not a big memory. It was the floods that the homes sent in the 1960s and 1970s Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap. Most of the time they were in the village. It rained almost at the same time in the mountains. When the rainstorms and heavy rains lasted for a long time, the water in the river gradually increased, and the river gradually became faster Marlboro Usa Price. In fact, this is only the water in the slopes chasing the water running in the river. The sound of "����" looks and sounds a little bit interesting. Actually, this is just an "opening" or "prelude" of "Da Shui". After a long or continuous rainstorm, the drama of "big water" officially started Newports 100S Price. I have seen it once very thrilling. It was when I was just raining to the east bank of the village to see the road along the East River. Standing full of people, there are 70-80-year-old old men and old ladies, down to children aged five or six, and middle-aged men and women Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, big nieces, and little daughter-in-law. It is very lively. This is a rare piece of the weekdays. When I saw the neighbor's uncle standing there, I asked him how to stand so many people. He looked at the upper reaches of the river with his eyes and said to me: "There is a lot of water on the mountain Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. Let's take a look here." I then stood next to my neighbor's uncle, and looked down the river to the upper reaches of the river. At this time, the mountain torrents were far from the village, and the seven-turned land had not yet come down. First, I heard the sound of "����". Then I heard the sound of "bang and bang". As the voice saw the mountain torrent, like a yellow dragon, coming straight from the corner of the upper reaches of the river, with the strength of destroying and swallowing everything, the momentum was shocking. The waves were magnificent, and there was a burst of cheers on the shore. In a short while, the flood came to the front, and the waves of the yellow layer covered the white waves. After a fixed look, the flash floods had great power and a river bank. The tree was pulled out, and the flood was rushing down. The flood was still rolling down the long logs. When I went home to tell my grandmother, my grandmother said, "I heard that in other places." When the local flood I rushed down a big log, and everyone looked surprised. A young man felt fun. He ran and climbed up. When he went up, he felt that the wood was covered with a 'thorn' and he couldn��t come down. The people looked at him down the wood.�� The grandmother said that although it was not enough, it was very interesting at the time, but it can still be roughly recorded. The floods also rolled up stones, silt, and grass mustards. The torrents are

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