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getting bigger and
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  • getting bigger and bigger, the rivers are getting deeper and deeper, the rivers are getting wider and wider, and the water surface of more than ten meters on weekdays has actually become more than 20 meters. It is very spectacular. This is a sight that can't be seen on weekdays. The river water and the well water on the river bank are all yellow. This is the most profound "big water" memory hidden in my mind. Watching the interest of ��big water�� and wanting to watch the ��big water�� scene, I can no longer see the landscape of ��big water�� when I once again experienced the ��big water��. . This time, the "big water" was more fierce than the last time. When I rushed to the river bank, I saw that the flood had flown over the river bank and rushed to the road. The entire road surface became water Cheap Newport 100, and it was drowning. The old family called it "muddy soup". This "muddy soup" is already deep. It is rushing to the nearby houses. I saw it as amazing. I turned around and ran home because my family lived in the high place and the flood was Can't get there. I just ran into the house for a while, and I saw a relative who led and held the child like a disaster to run into my house. The child cried and the wife called. When the relative saw my mother, I burst into tears and said: "Three sisters, how did you live this day? Dashui rushed into the house." The mother asked her to sit down and comfort her until the flood receded. She led and held the child back home. After the invasion of the relatives from the relatives, I was reluctant to see the landscape of the ��big water�� because I felt the ruthlessness of the flood and the true feelings of the human world. It was that flood, most of the reservoirs in the village were in a hurry, the Moshanzi Reservoir was in a hurry, the Shishanqian Reservoir was in a hurry, and the Laomuwan Reservoir was in a hurry... The villagers rushed to the reservoirs in different directions with their shovel and bags. That "big water" also made me understand that human beings should work together to fight the flood. Later, my memory of the flood was the flood that happened in China in the summer of 1998. It was a hundred years in our country. The Great Flood, which was a flood that ravaged most of China, was a flood called "The Century Flood", which was the most thrilling flood in my life experience. In the summer of 1998, I almost The day will see CCTV news broadcast, learned from the flood-fighting news: 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have caused various floods in the country. The Yangtze River Basin has caused eight flood peaks, and many places have broken through the highest water level in history. The floods are almost a thousand miles away. The flood of the whole basin, the scenes seen from the TV screen at that time: shocking, terrifying. Breaking the dam and breaking the dyke, the mud and stone, the house collapsed, and the life was taken away, leaving the homeland with devastating grief, leaving the ordinary people with endless pain Newport Box 100S Carton. The catastrophic flood caused more than 4,000 deaths and affected more than 200 million people Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale. The "1998 flood" became a frequently-raised term for the catastrophic flood, which was a shock to all departments and ordinary people in the country. For the water conservancy department, it is an important year in the history of hydrology; for the flood control department, it is an important reference and standard for flood prevention work; for the military, it is a classic battle for flood relief; for ordinary people That is, it is a disaster that ravages most of China and the baptism that everyone experiences. The catastrophic flood in 1998 left a sad memory for the people Cigarette Cartons For Cheap. The horrible situation, I still remember today, the floods in the southern region have been affecting my heart this year. I silently pray in my heart: I hope the disaster area will be stable. I hope that the victims will flood safely to me. I have experienced the initial joy, and later turned into a worry, and then turned from worry to fear. I have inexplicable feelings and memories of the flood. This may also be life. Different memories of each stage Cigarettes Wholesale Price.

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