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February 2, commonly
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  • February 2, commonly known as "Dragons look up." This morning, my wife and I rushed to the vegetable market, ready to go back to the hometown. The car just stopped in the neighborhood opposite the vegetable market. I walked out of the car. At this time, I saw two retired cadres in front and behind. The old man came face to face. The person who walked in front said: "Today, on February 2, when you fight for food, do you know what is going on?" The old man who followed the back said thoughtfully: "Know Isn't it a circle with lime or grass ash on the ground?" Then I looked back and saw that the two had walked to the stairway of a building. The old man who had asked the question looked down at an open space in front of him and stretched out. With his arms folded, he used his hand to draw a circle on the open space. The other old man nodded and used both hands to draw. His mouth seemed to be adding something Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes. The two old people seemed to be very excited Newport Coupons For Cartons. The respect for the two old men is also very interesting based on what the two old people said. I have turned around and smiled at them. At this time, the two old people also seemed to realize something, stopped talking, turned to me, smiled and smiled, and had some tacit understanding with each other. In fact, all this is around the custom of playing the grain, I have guessed two The old people are all coming out of the countryside, because they know very well about the "food shackles". It is estimated that the two old people also guessed my origins, because they vaguely showed interest in "grabbing food." The old man��s conversation was very interesting. The topic of ��grabbing food�� suddenly opened up memories that have been dusted in my mind for decades. It reminds me of my memories of the past years. When I used to use the ash to outline the door in front of my household. One by one, "grain" appeared in front of me, this is the beautiful picture of the village in that era. I am about to go to the vegetable market road. I am still thinking about the "food fight". I am pleased and eager to transfer the topic of the two old people to the wife Newport Online Cigarettes. "You know that the two old people are What is the discussion? It��s a matter of 'February 2, playing food,' and the two old people are very interesting. They are still squatting behind the building. The real image.�� The wife smiled and said: ��It��s like them. Older people remember the use of grass and ash to fight food. Now the young people don��t know what is going on with the wife��s words and remind me of it Marlboro Wholesale Price. Yes, the young people have never experienced that era. How do they know about "food gangs"? Even my grown up in the countryside, because I have been away from home for more than 30 years, I have forgotten some customs in the countryside. As time goes by, I have forgotten more. In addition, the countryside has not been hitting food for many years. It has not been touched and it is difficult to recall. Besides, with the development of society, the media also promotes "Dragons" every year on February 2nd. There is a mention of "February 2 Buy Newport Online, playing I am thinking about it now. I have forgotten the story of the grain fight for many years. Fortunately, I met two old people. It happened to be a friend, touched my thoughts and touched me. The heartstrings opened the gates of my memory and brought out

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