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memories of
« เมื่อ: เมษายน 20, 2019, 03:13:12 PM »
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  • memories of childhood memories that have been collected in my mind for decades. I said to my wife, "I should write about 'February 2, I am going to fight for food.' The festival on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar is very large, following the custom of the countryside, saying that every day in the first month is a festival, so after February 2, the "year" is officially finished, and February 2 becomes the first after the Spring Festival. The big festivals, the rural areas in the north of China are very grand, and it is also the day when the countryside is fighting for food. The common saying is "February 2, the dragon is looking up; the big warehouse is full, the small warehouse is flowing." On this day, the villagers used their own grass and ash to form a ��grain glutinous rice�� on their own patios and street gates, and then put some grains in the ��grain glutinous rice dumplings��, which means that the next year will be full of grain, and the warehouse will be full of turbulence. A good harvest, became a beautiful scenery in the village from the time I remembered, I remember the day of February 2, because this day to eat fried sweet potato beans, fried beans or something, but also to fight for food. The thing that I remember the most is to fight for food, because this is a big event for every household. I didn��t know why at that time Newport 100'S Cigarettes. On February 2, when I didn��t shine, I got up and went to play food. Sometimes I also like to join in the fun. I got up early and followed the adults to fight for food Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. I took out a lot of ash from the stove and followed the adults. Learn to play food, first in the middle of the patio, because the courtyard is small, you can only make a small, then choose a location outside the street gate, put a big one, put some grain in the size of the "grain" Miscellaneous grains, you're done to finish your breakfast, you can't sit at home, and the little friends screamed to the street one by one. At this time, they saw a "grain" in front of the house and every household. They are all from the hands of the villagers. They are big, small, complicated, simple, very round, not too round, white, gray... big and small, different patterns. The "grain" attracted the attention of me and my friends, and also aroused our interest, adding a little bit to the boring village life. "Finging me and my friends will run along the streets, chase, and arrived. Where there is a "grain" Stop and admire as a beautiful picture, like, enjoy tasting some see someone playing "food store" nice and some of them would say:. "So and so home to play really nice food store. "Some said; "A certain family played too small, not like a look. "Watched the "grand food" of most of the villages, tired and happy to run home Newport Cigarette Cartons, showing the meaning of the unfinished, sometimes the joy of the day into the dream of February 2, playing food." This is the ancestors left The customs and habits that come down, I don��t know when it started, I don��t know how many years have passed Newport Online Cigarettes. Now think about it in detail, it is very national and contemporary. This custom also embodies the rich heritage of farming culture. It contains many meanings and tastes. It is entrusted with the dreams and hopes of eager harvest. It has been used by generations of villagers to let the people of the countryside play the "grain" More round, it also shows more complete. The "food glutinous" one-by-one plan entrusts the hopes of the adults; the "food glutinous" leaves the joy of the children in a circle and a circle. Today, "February 2, fight for food." It has become history Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes, and even in rural areas, there are very few food-savings. Is this the inevitable development of the times and the loss of traditional customs? I don��t know, I am most concerned about the good memories of the ��graining food�� left in my childhood.

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