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Outside the window
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  • Outside the window, the night floated silently, as if there was something in mind, it was like looking for something, coming and going Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, going back and forth, the footsteps were a bit heavy, and it seemed a little confusing, thinking, meditation, eyes a little melancholy, also More vicissitudes of life. Yes, in fact, think about it, this road is really not easy! Spring flowers, green leaves, autumn high clouds, the earth is sturdy Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes. Every time I came and went, I went again and again. I thought it would be free and easy to be a rush Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, but sometimes, come, see, go through, leave, and some will inadvertently save some in the atrium, night In my heart, those beautiful rushes, beautiful pasts, at this moment, whether it is like watching movies in the mind, night melancholy, meditation, will not just think about those forgotten or blurred fragments! a text, a little imagination, crickets kept yell, do not know the night's heart is how to think, would not have wanted to hit its impulse, but unfortunately, I can only hear it shouting, let it insolent, really nothing I can do I wish a little more forgiveness, so I will have more heaven, less blame, and a foot in the heart. Whether the night is forgiven, the snoring is passed to all parties, hatred, melancholy, quiet, and spiritual. Only the night, the openness of the night, the story of the experience, how many memories will be engraved, and will also bring out some sadness that has passed away Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa, just like the distant darkness, there is the light under the eyes. There are a few leaves in the night, and there are shackles in the Ming Dynasty. In fact, the morning sun is not a place where the sorrows and joys are intertwined. The night is slowly walking towards the distant and endless distance. Perhaps I understand a bit. The night is melancholy and there are shackles, but the night Not lonely, not lonely, but people who like to watch the night, very lonely, very lonely, sit still in the middle of the night, watching the night is not far away, but the endless thoughts caused by watching the night, at this moment, the dust is all sorts of Peace, in the night world, all the affection, such as happiness, sadness, memories, sorrows, and misses and some personal secrets, can be enjoyed in the night time. Night, thank you, in fact, I can't bear to tell you Newport Cigs Cheap, you are just my heart!

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