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I won't know. I sta
« เมื่อ: ตุลาคม 17, 2019, 08:55:29 AM »
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  • Once again, I walked into this store, and the store was still a model. The old counters are filled with novel stationery, and the dim light is quite oblique. Once upon a time, I wanted to go to this store as soon as I wanted something, because this store was opened by relatives, so I felt more cordial. The reason for reading, our family changed places, I didn��t want to be so close to this store. I usually went to other bookstores when I bought things. Gradually, I haven��t come for a year or two. This time Carton Of Cigarettes, because of friends, I stepped again. Into this store. I stood in front of the counter and selected the items. The boss��s strange eyes looked at me Marlboro Cigarettes. I was a little surprised. Is there such a big change in my appearance? I want to call her, I want her to recognize me like a sudden realization, just want to speak, I can't believe it, I can't think of what I should call, I have to call her with the most common and strange name: "Auntie" has no bottom in her heart, and she is a little embarrassed. The voice is as light and fuzzy as a mosquito. She looks up and looks at me with strange eyes. Then she turns into a confused look and sweeps my whole body. . Silence for a long time, I was impatient, I reported my name, or maybe it was only a relative name between relatives, she did not think about it, until I said my father��s name, her eyes changed Marlboro Lights. I was so amiable, and called me a nickname. My heart seemed to feel a few years ago. It was the excitement of coming to the store to buy things. She smiled again. There was some surprise in her eyes, saying that I grew up. I can't recognize it. If I don't say my father's name, I won't know. I stayed in the store for a while. While picking things, I answered some trivial things that she asked me at home. I bought something that I didn't really need. The rumor refused the need to eat at his house and walked out of the store. Halfway through, I looked back at the store, and my heart seemed to return to my childhood. Perhaps only from the strange eyes of others, from the strange eyes of others, from the title that I could not call, I realized that time Elapsed, the embarrassment of the years, the destruction of memory and the growth of oneself.
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