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y, no Opportun
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  • Some people say that success depends on the opportunity and the spirit of perseverance; others say that it is a matter of doing things and being in the sky. Yes, people have a certain opportunity and persistence Marlboro Gold, there will be creation, successful people believe that sincerely, Jinshi is open, so have been working hard, then creation will not be far away from us; opponents say, no Opportunity, c all your life Online Cigarettes. Is this like Jiang Tai, the opportunity to create success, or the unremitting efforts to make success? The two became the same. Mr. Zhen Ning believes that everyone is very familiar. He is a Nobel Prize winner in physics and a model of creativity and success Newport Cigarettes. It was not long before he attended the 100-year anniversary of Zhejiang University, and the reporter just asked Mr. Zhen Ning to answer this question: if we want to succeed, we must have the opportunity first, and the second must understand the cutting-edge and career of your career. Third, the third is the individual's unremitting efforts. He also asked Mr. Yang Zhenning, "Are you always successful, and have not failed? Mr. Zhen Ning replied categorically: "No. I have failed and I have lost very badly. I have been a graduate student in the United States for a year and a half and engaged in experimental physics. However, my days of vivid hand skills are poor, and my experiment failed. When Mr. Yang Zhenning's answer can be summed up, Mr. Yang Zhenning's success is also at the three points he said: one is opportunity, the other is wisdom, and the third is hard work. I think, if Mr. Yang Zhenning did not know himself objectively, but was blindly motivated, and devoted himself to experimental physics, perhaps he still had nothing to do today. The French scientist, Benedik, was not careful to pay attention to a beaker in the experiment and fell to the ground. The phenomenon of not being broken, did not see him in a bus accident, the windshield debris on the window scratched the driver and passenger report, contacted, in-depth study, things in the sky, does not mean If we want to be successful, we have to wait for the opportunity of the coming of heaven. When we talk hard, we just emphasize persistence, we must work hard, we need to be motivated, we need wisdom, and if we don��t use our wisdom, we can only work hard. That will be the case, the harder you work, the farther away from the opportunity, the farther away from success, and the closer you may be to failure. Because it deviates from it, wisdom is the bond that sustains success.

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