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re the masters of the
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  • re the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere." "Chinese Dream" has profound implications, but it cannot be separated from any insignificant efforts of every Chinese. You can bend over a piece of paper on campus, automatically queue up when you wait for a bus, stay quiet in public, and not affect others. Even if it is trivial, it is your responsibility. What is the hard work of the Millennium Society? The US media said: "Chinese people use money as their faith." Deng Jiaxian, who has "two bombs", has gone through all the hardships to return to China. After the "July 7 Incident", the great mathematician Hua Luogeng returned to the motherland where the anti-Japanese bonfire burned everywhere from the well-paid Britain. Not for money and degree, and actively participating in the anti-Japanese national salvation movement after returning to China, this is a good rebuttal. Premier Zhou Enlai said: "Reading for the rise of China." Efforts are for China's ideals and for the Chinese. The greatness of ideals lies in the contribution behind it. I am following and thinking about the Rio Olympics in 2016: I ideally set up the Olympics and made great achievements. At the Beijing Olympics eight years ago, Long Qingquan said that he would surpass the Turkish "prodigy" Mutlu; eight years later, he did it! In the past eight years, the hardships he experienced and the helplessness of his life are a gold medal Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Can you tell the truth? His persistence, his dedication, his hardships, in order to prevent his own ideals from becoming rumors. As a young person in the new era, we have to do more than just screaming at the ideals. What we should show is our own responsibility. However, there are some people who say, "I can't be passionate in class meetings Cigarettes For Sale, then I am lost in my sleep; I can't plan for a good plan, and then find an excuse to delay; I can, you can't The decision is up to you. However, you can also choose to follow the teacher's teachings and then execute; you can also choose to have a rational holiday as planned; you can... ideal is white paper, there are many good things waiting for me to paint, It can be the color pen, and the life without responsibility is a confused white. The essence of ideal is to realize its own value, and the key to realizing the ideal is to be brave. "Adolescent is strong and strong", don't forget the "era" issued by Liang Qichao The strongest voice, don't forget your responsibility as the "future flower of the motherland." I have ideals, I have the responsibility; the state-owned ideals, the young people have the responsibility! [Part 2] [Strong ideal Cigarettes Online, courage to take] I believe that every Individuals will have a lofty i
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