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igh, on the road to
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  • deal. Although it can be big or small, it can inspire us to move forward every moment. Let us learn to act, not because of one Marlboro Cigarettes. . "? What is your vision of" hurry and forget the early heart-year-old child, his eyes wide open, a little rope, with a tender voice said: "Every day a lot of good food. "I shook my head with a smile and turned to see him running away happily. Looking back, this is not me seven or eight years ago? At that time, it was not a carefree "eat, drink, play", that is the biggest The ideal. Too small, how do you understand responsibility and responsibility? I asked a young boy, "What is your ideal?" He touched his head and said firmly: "Let's study hard and win glory for the country." . "I nodded. He realized his responsibility. As a Chinese child, he loved the territory of the motherland and vowed to give a part of the heat for the country. There is a responsibility in the heart. It is this responsibility that makes him Life is like a man. I asked an elderly man, "What is your ideal?" His eyes flashed brightly, revealing only the teeth and laughing, sighing: "The family is happy and reunion. Then continue to sit on the stool and enjoy the warmth of the setting sun. Perhaps it is only the time of the next year. After experiencing the ups and downs of the world, I know that I am responsible for it Cigarettes Online, and I know that it will be so light, and I will be so stable as Taishan��s state of mind. I ask, what is my ideal? As a student, I am filled with emotions. Taking care of life, studying hard, need to have ideal support and dare to act. But the vow is not shouted, but It is really made, only when the sweat is sprinkled on the earth, it will bear fruit and fruit. "Youth wisdom is the country's wisdom, the young is rich, the country is rich, and the young is strong." As a young person of the new era, I know that I am responsible for the mission of the whole country, learn to take responsibility mokingusacigarettes.com, and always spur myself and let myself not slacken. Different people have different ideals and different beliefs and spirits. Just like the rainbow in the sky. In the same way, as long as there is an ideal, knowing the responsibility, you will find a kind of beautiful color that belongs to you. If you have ideals and heavy burdens, you will play various roles in life. Defining your role is actually to take responsibility. Clearly, in addition to your role as a student, you are still a child in the eyes of your parents. You are also a citizen in a social context. These different roles. Playing various roles is to do your duty and to act as a student. Your responsibility is Take good lessons in each lesson, carefully digest every knowledge point, ask if you don't understand, don't go to school, and voluntarily complete the learning tasks at every stage. As a child, Baishanxiao is the first. Your responsibility is Do something that pleases your parents and family, because it is filial piety to give your parents peace of mind. It is the responsibility of every family member. As a citizen, your responsibility is to have others in your heart, to have a collective in your heart, to have a country in your heart. You should behave in a civilized and caring manner. "Do not be good or small, Not to be evil. "Responsibility is everywhere, everywhere can see glory. In the class, do not be late, do not gossip in the self-study class, do not do something that affects others, and thus become the ideals of the friends around the heart, take responsibility. When someone else gets lost, give him directions, so that he is no longer confused; when the bus meets the elderly, take the initiative to let the seat sit, help the old man sit, leave a smile of heart; when encountering falls on the road When you are a person, take the initiative to help, sincerely pay enthusiasm and warmth; when you cause harm to others due to negligence, learn to take responsibility, courage to take responsibility, and build a dream with a temperature and grace to build an ideal and fight for it. The goal is terrible. Regardless of the distance, regardless of size, as long as there is an ideal, we will be more efficient in the process of chasing dreams. Everyone knows that it is difficult to dig a well, only persevere, in order to cultivate into a fruit, learn to act, and It is not to do some earth-shattering events, but to start from the bit of life, that is, to be the true meaning of the role. The ideal has the shadow of the role, and the responsibility is the premise of the ideal, only to put it Combined with each other, life can bloom beautiful flowers. Play is a quality, adhere to a character. I hope the students during Dream, learn to weigh, on the road to success, learn to persevere, the courage to act.
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