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ni, originally had a happy
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  • Many people say that the biggest feature and charm of Heathrop's debut novel "Island" is that in the saddest plots, hope can always be seen. The first time I saw this book in a bookstore and read the first half of it, I didn't think so. At that time, my thought was: it doesn't look good. Until I later purchased the book online, I felt that buying the book was a waste of money and time. But after trying to read again, I found that I was deeply attracted by the charm of the book. A desperate island, an island that never has a way to return. Looking back from there, my hometown is just across the water, a stone's throw away, but I will never be able to set foot on my hometown again. Opened forbidden, a desolate story of love and hate entangled unfolding, a life and death that shed tears across Europe as a whole slowly opened. The story was triggered by a girl pursuing the mysterious background of her mother. During the rampant period of leprosy, on the two Greek islands of the Mediterranean, Crete and Spinarongo, the little girl, Alexis's great-grandmother, Eleni, originally had a happy and bland family. It was supposed that the family should be able to live on in a mediocre way, but it was broken by the fact that Elena had suffered from leprosy Marlboro Gold. In the Bible, people who suffer from leprosy are unclean. This ordinary family is also destined to become fragmented by leprosy. Her mother, Eleanor, was taken to Spinalongo Island, where the "living dead" were gathered Cigarettes For Sale, which was called the "dirty land." Fortunately, she has two daughters and a husband. The ferryman on the island is silent, restrained, unscrupulous, and even a little bit murmuring, but he is hardworking and diligent, and is the pillar of the family. Her eldest daughter, Anna, is amazing, glorious, enthusiastic, unrestrained However, she was selfish and admired vanity. As the eldest daughter, she did not take on the responsibility of taking care of the whole family. In order to live a good life, she gave up the anti-fascist warrior-Antonio, and instead invested in the landlord's son-Ender Lise's arms Online Cigarettes, despite Antonio's warmth. She is too selfish, she can cheat for stimulation, she can lose her self and humanity in order to escape. He finally died of rape and was shot and killed by her husband, Andres. Her youngest daughter, Maria, is the heroine of the
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