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nd its meaning. The bit of
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  •  text. Although she was two years younger than Anna, she was more mature than Anna. She took on the family's misfortune and contracted the responsibility of taking care of the family, which belonged to her sister Anna. Not only did she inherit the kindness and goodness of her mother, but she also unfortunately embarked on the path that her mother had gone through��it was regrettable that she had been affected by leprosy Cigarettes Online, but she was not frustrated, and she still had a hot pillow for life. Because of her innocence, integrity, and kindness, she finally found her own happiness and happiness Newport Cigarettes, which determined the different life situations of the sisters. The selfish and vanity Anna died at the hands of her husband. The selfless and kind Maria experienced it. A series of misfortunes and shocks, first the end of the first love, then defeated the disease and then found her true life son Newport 100S, then for the father, give up the love of life, and finally regain a successful life. You can't find any trace of resentment and unwillingness in Maria, she only has words of gratitude in her mouth. After Anna's death, she took care of the child left by her sister, Sophia, the mother of Alexis. She has the beauty and courage of Anna. When Sofia was about to go to Greece to go to school, Maria told her her life. She could n��t accept it. She felt that Maria had deceived her and deceived her feelings. She decided to leave and never returned. Yes, they did not return until they died. That's the story. Alexis found her mother's knot, and Sophia could face her past calmly. My favorite character is the character most readers don't like-Anna. Why? Because she made me understand something. Although she is selfish and admires vanity, she is also a candid and emotional person. She has been courageously pursuing what she wants, despite some unscrupulous methods. And I still ca n��t take the courage to pursue what I want. Anna ��s courage to pursue is the spirit that I should learn. Although Anna dared to pursue, she did n��t cherish what she had. Up her family. Why did the author write this? I think it is for us to understand what cherish is, and for us to know how to cherish. I often ask time, what teaches us to cherish, maybe there is no one answer, maybe Maria cares, maybe Anna's loss, maybe we understand cherish but don't understand its meaning. The bit of emotion on "Island" moved me. Everything on "Island" makes me think deeply. However, what strikes me inside is still the greatest charm that the public thinks-in the saddest plot, I can always see hope, even in the world that is spurned and distanced by " You can also see the flowers of human nature in the "dirty land".
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